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May the choirs of angels come to greet you.  May they speed you to paradise.   May the Lord enfold you in his mercy.  May you find eternal life.

Br. Earl-Giles Lasher  FSD                       07/28/2005
Br. Henry-Francis Sleasman FSD           09/04/2012
Br. Mark-Maximilian Bianchi FSD         10/15/2012
Br. Anthony-Joseph Salvatore FSD       04/25/2013

Br Stewart-Germain Sparling FSD         02/09/2015

Br Paul Alan Carey FSD                           04/24/2017


Founder of the community FSD:

Br Paul Alan Carey         

Sept 8, 1941      04/24/2017

Book of Remembrance

Father Roch Ciandella, OFM at Mount Alvernia.  Roch was born on March 12th 1943 Ordained to the priesthood on May 13th, 1972; and died on May 11th 2017.  A fitting tribute was offered for a man who was so welcoming and expounded the word, Charity, Humility and Penance.  The chapel at Mount Alvernia was filled to capacity with standing room only, outside of the chapel itself.  A wonderful human who mirrored a true Franciscan spirituality.  May he rest in peace…

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