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Our Mission



It is our purpose to support the Roman Catholic Church in spreading and living gospel values and 

imitating the life of Holy Father Francis. We do this committing ourselves to each other and then

the wider expression of the Franciscan charism throughout the church.



We believe that each community member must:


· Be familiar with the life and spirituality of St. Francis and St. Clare and the Franciscan family.

· Know and understand the Rule so that it becomes a guide for the Franciscan way of life.

· Understand what it means to be committed to this way of life and the necessity of ongoing conversion.

· Become an active member of the Franciscan Third Order.

· Develop a spirit of fraternity by getting to know the other members, have mutual love and respect for each of  them and be committed to the care and service of each.

· Be committed to using the Word of God as the basis for prayer.

· Foster an interior life which accords itself with the Franciscan call.

· Carry out the Franciscan mission to the world by engaging in activities which promote justice, creation, and defend the rights of the poor.

· Integrate his spiritual life with the secular/religious dimensions of the Franciscan calling, particularly in regards to family and work.

· Become an active member of the church community.

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