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From Brother Ron Francis Davis

This is the day the lord has made. Let us Be glad and rejoice in it.

These are the words of the responsorial psalm during the celebration

Of Easter Sunday. These words were truly the hall mark of the religious

Life of Br. Paul Allan Carey.


So many years ago, Br. Paul-Allan gathered with several friends to talk about the possibility of raising a new community, under the protection of St. Francis of Assisi. Paul along with his founding brothers went on to create what is the Franciscans of San Damiano. Many times in conversation Paul would remind all of us that we must persevere. Either this venture is of the Holy Spirit or it is not. The fruits of his labor

Have certainly demonstrated his leadership ability and his devotion to this cause.


Paul served the community faithfully both in good times and through difficult times. He garnered and earned the respect, love, and admiration of many.


I could tell you so many stories that would demonstrate his devotion and love for his community. We had a very ill brother, a young man

About thirty who entered the community and was loved by all. This

Brother was dying from cancer and we were all devastated by his death. Paul Allan reminded us that Mark had gone home to be with his lord and we should truly embrace the words that this is the day the Lord has made; let us be glad and rejoice in it. He journeyed to New Mexico along with another brother to attend Mark’s funeral.  That is the kind of person Br. Paul Allan was. He preached the gospel as

St. Francis reminded us to use words only when necessary.


There were other gifts that emanated from Paul-Allan. If you have ever heard him play the organ or the piano you would quickly understand what I am saying. His life was surrounded by beautiful music of which he was a gifted talent. He shared that gift in so many ways for the greater honor and glory of His God, His church, and his community.


Brother worked hard at the Carey organ company for years. Again another sign of his dedication and resilience.


I went to visit Brother Paul Allan several times during the difficult days.

He never complained about his sickness only that he had accepted it

And was ready for whatever might come his way. On one of my visits,

He asked me to continue the community and to guard it and protect it in the years to come. I promised him that I would and that it would continue as an example of great love for the Gospel, the church, our brothers and Holy Father Francis. He was at peace. He assured me he had done all that he could do and needed me to continue the journey.


It was no accident that Br. Paul-Allan was called home on Monday after the feast of Divine Mercy. Our community has started more and more to embrace this feast and it was in part due to his urging. His life with the Church has many memorable associations. His trip to Assisi, his journey with the Conventual Franciscans, his years as guardian and General Minister of the community, and finally his devotion to St. Joseph’s here in Troy. A place he loved and enjoyed giving the best that he could at special memorial concerts, the Latin Mass, Church music, and as a history buff about the church here in South Troy. He knew everybody which proved a valuable blessing in his life.


It is without reservation that we are able to say Well done good and faithful servant. This is the day the Lord has made so let us be glad and rejoice in it.

Obituary of Paul Carey

 Br. Paul-Allan FSD (Paul D.) passed away on Monday, April 24, 2017 at Samaritan Hospital after a long illness.  He was 78. Brother was the son of Maria Leah Navin Maloney Carey and Joseph A. Carey and brother of J. Gerard Carey who have predeceased him. He is survived by his sister, Mary Leah Mason (Alex E); nephews Brian E. Mason of Waterford; Kenneth J. Mason of Troy and Joseph P. Carey of Colonie and best friend Lynn Swank of Rexford.  He leaves a host of cousins in the Carey Family.

A graduate of St. Francis Seminary, Staten Island he later earned his degree in music from The College of St. Rose.  His entrepreneurial skill saw the founding of the Carey Organ Co., Inc., with his friend and business partner and the rebuilding of the historic "Grand Organ" at St. Josephs', Troy.  His musical accomplishments at St. Joseph's were legion and appreciated by people from throughout the tri-city area,  At St. Joseph's he was Minister of Music for 27 years and then recently for another four years. He leaves behind two valued Carmelite Friar friends; Frs. James R. Sidoti and Lucian W. Beltzner.

At a later date he founded the Franciscans of San Damiano community for which he was its General Minister for several years.  He leaves a number of brothers spread throughout the US.

The funeral will be held at St. Joseph's Church on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 12 Noon.  Guests may greet the family beginning at 10 o’clock during a musical presentation by the Festival Choir founded by Br. Paul-Allan.  A private burial will take place at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Troy at a later date.

The family wishes to thank Br. Paul-Allan’s friends for their assistance and care during his illness.  The family also wishes to thank the staff of the 6th floor at Samaritan Hospital for the care provided during the last days of Br. Paul-Allan’s life.

Those wishing to remember Br. Paul-Allan in a special way may donate to St. Joseph’s Church organ fund or stained glass window fund, 416 Third Street, Troy, NY  12180.



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