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Conversion Stories

Scott Hahn's conversion testimony - You can't imagine how hard it was to be "A Luther in reverse".

Footprints of God website created by Steve Ray.

This is the conversion story testimony of Bernz O. Caasi on how the eucharist helped him become a Catholic Christian.

Talk by Tim Staples during the 2022 Catholic Men's Conference of the Carolinas held at St. Thomas Aquinas in Charlotte, NC on March 5th, 2022

Patrick Madrid, popular radio host and author of many books including "Envoy for Christ," "Does the Bible Really Say That?," and "Search and Rescue", delivered a talk titled “Why be Catholic?”

Hi and welcome! I am Catholic convert and my desire is to encourage you to grow in virtue and become the man and woman God has created you to be! I post a variety of videos on how to grow in faith, virtue and share personal reflections and stories. Please join this community as We learn to love each other and grow towards this goal together.

Anthony tells about his conversion from an agnostic lifestyle to fully embracing God's truth in the Catholic Church.

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